Talkin’ Tasers

The world’s policeman has just placed an order for the 21st century bull whip they call a taser.

It is the first order of a five-year contract, with the possibility of future orders worth up to a maximum value of about $22.8 million, the company said.

And while it’s not the one with the 1,500 yards effective range and pinpoint accuracy from Syphon Filter, Taser International, is rolling out the Taser XREP, a wireless, shotgun shell that will zap you.


Introducing the TASER XREP – the eXtended Range Electronic Projectile. XREP is a self-contained, wireless projectile that fires from a standard 12-gauge shotgun. It delivers the same Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) bio-effect as our handheld TASER X26, but can be delivered to a distance of up to 100 feet, combining blunt impact with field proven TASER NMI.The core technology that made the XREP possible is the XREP engine. A stunning engineering achievement, the XREP Engine provides the same bio-effect as our field proven X26, but from an electronics package that weighs only 2.4 grams and consumes less than one tenth of a cubic inch. In order to achieve a wireless projectile, the battery is fully integrated into the chassis and autonomously provides the power to drive the XREP engine for its full 20-second cycle.

And if you try to pull it out, it zaps your hand:

If the subject tries to grab or disconnect the XREP projectile, the reflex engagement electrodes complete a circuit allowing TASER NMI to discharge from the Nose Electrodes, through the subject’s body, out to the hand that grabbed the XREP. This creates a significant spread that allows the XREP pulses to affect a large body mass, causing overpowering Neuro Muscular Incapacitation.

TaserInternational are virtual humanitarians or just less honest, than the nerds with really violent fantasy lives at ShockRounds, Inc. Their literature states that their product has not only less-than lethal capabilities, but can be used as ammunition in standard firearms, making every shot a kill shot, through the use of lethal electric current. They’re really proud of the fact that their product is intended to kill, as it’s what sets them apart, I suppose. A diagram from their web site shows that they have greatly expanded the effective kill area on a human.


And robots keep getting shittier jobs. Soon they will be expected to shoot people with stun guns.

Maybe robots can be programmed exhibit better judgment than these properly credentialed terrorists heroes were, another reminder that the kinds of shit that was so shocking about of Abu Ghraib, was born, raised and doing well, in the US?



  1. so if the cops can’t use a taser on a criminal, what are they supposed to do? shoot them with a 9 mm? you’d be bitching up a storm if cops had the right to shoot a dangerous, but unarmed suspect. you hippies are just upset that they tasered you at the anti-war protest. that was wrong, but when a suspect jumps out of a stolen car after a high speed chase, it would be much better for the community and the criminal if they are just shocked to the ground instead of shot in the back.

  2. I don’t care what the cops use to terrorize the populace, they can run around with broadswords for all I care. The problem is that some 23 year-old with a 2 year criminal justice degree, who has played way too many video games, has license to kill or maim who ever they choose. My problem is that in the eyes of the law, their lives are worth more than the ones they take or ruin. They already have the right to shoot or taser whoever they want.
    I actually could care less that Fat Sam tasered some at a protest.That’s the chance you take dissenting in the US, this isn’t Olde Europe. It was probably one of the first times a taser was used on a white woman. I worry about the people who can’t walk to the store without worrying about being attacked with an electric bull whip every day, not at a protest.
    I don’t think a car is worth anyone’s life. Just like the high-speed chases that jeopardize all the lives and property in an area, to recover on piece of property.
    The cops we have now are better than the ones who will be coming back from Iraq. Those will be the scary ones. At least the crazed Vietnam vets seemed to gravitate towards the post office with their civil service points.

  3. does anyone in the community come from an engineering background? Perhaps a way to counteract these devices could be used so that innocent folks at demos etc dont have to incur the wrath of an angry officer.

  4. I’ve been leaning towards cheap bmx armor, although I have yet to purchase. It would cover the large mass areas that would be targeted by the tasers.

  5. just make sure it doesn’t conduct the electricity, eh?

  6. Withold,

    Nice to hear from you. Your concern is appreciated. The bicycle armor is plastic and non-conductive, lightweight, and can be worn under clothing.
    Of course it’s no substitute for not letting them get the drop on you with a taser.


  7. on the otherhand, the look on a cops face when he tased you and you continue on your merry, law-abiding way might be priceless 😉

  8. I just saw this elsewhere and was checking to see if you’d seen it. Holy fuck. Did anyone look at the videos? The promo video was disturbing straight up, and when you combine that with both of the taser victims being black, I was speechless.

    As far as combating these things, it seems to me that you’d want to combine the bmx armor with some kind of non conductive gloves so you can tear it off in case the barbs go thru the armor a little bit.

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