S.W.A.T.=Social Workers Applying Terror?

This story was all over the local news last night, but alas, this was all that turned up in the morning.

Corporate media reported that the elite members of Pittsburgh’s SWAT team took a few hours from their busy schedule, terrorizing Homewood residents with their APC, to engineering a standoff with a man with an “undisclosed mental illness”.

TV news reported that the unnamed Hill District man was upset by fireworks in the parking lot of the apartment building where he lived, and began yelling and brandishing a knife. What seems like a relatively minor altercation became one of the over 1000 SWAT deployments that occur in the US every day.

The Commonwealth of PA is serious about not letting me practice medicine, but in my unprofessional opinion, there has to be a way to get people to take psych meds that doesn’t involve MP5s?




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  2. Je ne sais pas le beaucoup de français, mais merci beaucoup, le camarade.


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