YT’s Voting Guide

If you want a brighter future don’t pull a lever, pull a trigger. Or learn some other useful skills that are usually reserved for specialists. Share your skills with someone else.

No matter who you vote for tomorrow, the winners are: Act 47, out of control prosecutors, gambling as a solution to public ills, corrupt, unaccountable cops, tearing down old sturdy buildings with character and replacing them with fake stucco boxes, public funding/private ownership of everything from hockey teams to the water used to make their ice, Dan Onorato, crumbling infrastructure, the Pirates owners, people who live in Cranberry who tell you how it is, UPMC, declining population (OK that one’s good), big money surveillance systems, Clear Channel, a smoking ban, hipsters, and pretty much anything else you or I find annoying.

If you vote, you give up your right to complain, since your vote is as close to a signature on the imaginary social contract as there is.


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  1. well said

    catchin up catchin up on posts i missed..

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