While It’s Still Amusing

Maybe it was just a product tie-in for an ailing US car manufacturer or maybe he’s turning on the radical populist chic to woo the peaceniks and the armed mid-west farmer, but either way, John Edwards had this amusing exchange with a retired farmer in Charles City Iowa:

“If the American people understood what’s going on all over, there would be a revolution tomorrow morning,”

To which Edwards replied, “I’m with you, brother!”

I’m not sure if the right-wing commentators have gotten ahold of this yet, because like Edwards, they seem to be fixated on Hillary (not Duff). I’m not sure if this is because she is leading in the polls or if it’s just laziness and years of old Clinton material that they still having lying around.

Ron Paul channeled Guy Fawkes to appeal to his stoned college student and 9/11 tinfoil hat supporters and manged to pocket a few million dollars with a November 5th themed telethon or something.

The dumb iron bombs that are banner ads and their indiscriminate use are creating some hilarious predicaments for the candidates. Mormon Mitt Romney was already freaking out the Republican theocratic base, and his banner ads on lewd fan fiction and mainstream gay websites couldn’t have helped him any. McCain and Giuliani have both had their banner ads turn up on liberal blog sites.

Even the computers know there really isn’t any difference.


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