Hill District Man Slain By Narco-Terrorists


Aucy Andrews, 59, of the Hill District is the seventh person to be reported shot by uniformed-terrorists Pittsburgh Police, this year. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that one, of the at least five shots, reported by witnesses to the murder, was fatal.

Mr. Andrews’ murderer is enjoying a paid vacation an administrative leave, as well as the protection of his anonymity, as if his license to kill was not enough. Uniform fetishist and DA, Stevie Zappala Jr., will no doubt rule that the ‘man in uniform’ was justified in shooting a hearing-impaired, man with a knife, who was not following orders , while being attacked by a police dog, three times, until he fell to his knees, and shot twice more when he was on the ground. Apparently, the use of force continuum dictates that Tasers are only to be used on unarmed suspects.

Mr. Andrews allegedly used the knife while involved in an uncharacterized altercation with a much younger man, when the narco-terrorist and his “partner” arrived to defend the State’s monopoly on violence and to preserve the storied tradition of attacking Black men with German Shepard dogs. In case you were wondering, all of the corporate media accounts state that the dog was uninjured.

Odds are, the overseer officer was given a dog as a partner, because he couldn’t work well with a human one, according to a relative of mine who was a former K-9 handler, who was himself, assigned the dog as way of “keeping him out of trouble”, because the dogs require so much attention. The department where he worked had another dog, which was so out of control that it attacked other overseers officers, and they all lived in fear of it. These terror organizations are reluctant to get rid of the dogs because of the expense and training time, the money they make by violating privacy to find drugs, not to mention the “anything goes”, “us and them” spirit of law enforcement culture. The training of these animals would make Michael Vick wince. The dogs are deputized (making their lives more valuable than anyone who is not a cop) and usually assigned the rank of Sergeant. The dogs get a paycheck, and even a pension when they retire. That’s probably more than Mr. Andrews, who lived in a boarding house could ever imagine.



  1. I’m not defending the cop, but the man who was killed is far from innocent. Not only was he convicted of killing somebody with a knife 2 decades ago, but he slashed a man’s throat for calling the cops on him minutes before the police shot him. I know you dipship anarchists would have to agree with him in attacking somebody for calling the police, but that’s why you’ll never be anything but a joke. carry on with your dreams of winning, because you aren’t.

  2. I hope you’re not defending the cop, for his sake, since you’re parroting information from his PR department, er, corporate press, and you can’t even get that right.
    Re-read the article from the Pittsburgh Police Gazette or Post Gazette, check your facts.
    Mr. Andrews isn’t here to dispute any of the claims made by that article, which was published after the blog entry was written.
    Unlike the anonymous cop, Mr. Andrews wasn’t getting a paycheck to be violent.
    What “dreams of winning” are you talking about? The lottery?
    As far as I’m concerned, flagsuckers like yourself who believe the State abuses you because it loves you are the real jokes.

  3. Even if Mr. Andrews was an imminent threat to the person he stabbed and/or a threat to the cop (in which case the use of some force would be justified in self-defense, whether or not one of the people Andrews was menacing was a cop), then this would be the ideal instance for the use of a Taser, according to the arguments under which the use of the Taser was originally introduced. It was supposed to reduce lethal-force incidents like this. Instead, the cops still use their guns as they always have, and they expand the use of the Taser in other areas β€” including using it as an instrument of torture against political demonstrators.

  4. It seems like the most common use of Tasers is to protect the individual cop’s feelings from the sassy and uppity and anyone else who dares to question the State’s monopoly on violence in any way.
    They are quickly becoming overused, as they are considered harmless by those who are permitted to carry and use them.

  5. Seems like they use pepper-spray the same way.

  6. I see the same thing happen in my own life. We have a pretty unreasonable, dumb, stubborn pit bull, and I use a spray bottle full of water for disciplinary purposes, and I’m often way too quick to reach for the water bottle, much more than I would if I was into using some form of abusive physical intervention.

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