Rascists Heart Ron Paul

You’re probably familiar with Ron Paul’s glassy-eyed campus stoners and tin-foil helmet conspiracy nuts who make up his core support. Apparently his message also speaks to the meth-cooks, child rapists, and kiddie porn ehthusiasts who like to play dress up funny cub scout uniforms, with cancer patient hairdos. They showed up in full force (which for them is a half-dozen) to show their support for their “Great White Hope” in Philadelphia last week. They seem to be pretty proud of themselves for it too.

Here are some screen shots that were posted on DC indymedia which show the financial and moral support that Ron Paul is receiving from the Daisy David Dukes and stormfront boneheads of the world:





  1. This is a low blow to someone that expresses liberty and freedom. You must be one of those ” I want my Mommy”, womb to tomb government aid supporters. It is sad that anyone that doesn’t offer money and other aid to people that don’t work is somehow a racist. Get a job!

  2. First of all, there is no evidence to support your claims. If you are going to go about spewing things about Ron Paul supporters and the Doctor himself, you better have something to back it up, otherwise you are indeed the one who looks stupid, not the supporters, you merely look like a troll. A sad thing to be really, at least try to be an educated one with facts, not meaningless words. This is a hopeless rant, really, next time give the internet some cold hard facts and something interesting to read. Ron Paul supporters at least do their research, my advise, look at their example.

  3. Dr. King, are you missing the “abolition of government” part of anarchist theory
    I have a lot of work to do to look as stupid as Ron Paul supporter, and I devote some pretty substantial time (and money) to my personal stupidity.
    By research, Otto, do you mean 9/11 troofs?

  4. yinsurgent

    Interesting. Usually, anarchists and “antifas” have told me that Ron Paul is Worse Than Hitler because he’s a capitalist and is too consistently against government, not because he’s in government. Perhaps the narrative has changed between 2008 and today.

    I challenge you to find one person in the
    American Congress’s history has been more consistently anti-state and anti-war than Dr. Paul. You can’t do it.

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