Plotting a Comeback?

It’s amazing how many hits the YT has gotten during our health, legal, and technology induced sabbatical. Way more than when it was still being updated. The web can pretty interesting when you haven’t seen it for awhile, not to mention, intimidating. The email account associated with this has had all of its messages deleted, because it had been so long since it was accessed. Sorry if any of those were emergencies or important.



  1. hurray!!!
    stay back please…
    let’s talk soon… my birthday is coming.
    also, you might like this track’s take on the election…

  2. Thanks
    We shall talk very soon.
    I anticipate a memorable birthday.
    The u.s. pendulum will swing left, as it always does eventually. The bosses demand it.

  3. Viva! Nice to have you back, comrade. You were very, very missed.

  4. Missed? I had no idea you were trying to hit me.
    Thanks for the flattery/encouragement.

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