Greece, Patras, URGENT!! fascists cooperate with the police now‏

There have been confirmed informations about groups of fascists in action with 
police forces at the city of Patras. This is happening now it is not a joke! The 
media speak of  'civilians' who attack anarchists. ---- We know very well the 
concept of 'angry civilians'. Already know faces of fascists from other cities 
(including athens) are seen in patras, walking down the streets accompanied by 
policemen in civilian clothing, attacking and arresting anyone who looks 
suspicious. At least one student is at the hospital stubbed because of them. 
People are reported to hide protesters from these fascist groups who already 
have spotted such houses with protesters hidden in there. They stand outside 
throwing rocks, yelling "come out or we will come in", threatening the owners.
Since the police forces cannot handle the riot situations along greece,
their right hand is being unleashed, the fascists and neonazis.
Please repost this whenever you can!
A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E
By, For, and About Anarchists
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The “special relationship” between fascist/neo-nazi groups and the State is the same the world over.


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