“This is social war!” Boots on the Ground in Greece

Two comrades of the Yinsurrectionary Times arrived in Greece over the weekend. We’ll be posting updates as they become available. Check back.

Mon 12/15/08 7:01 PM

Greece is fucking dope.  School children fight better than the most seasoned militants.  Rocks line the air and dumpsters burn, shit is mad fucking real.  I hope all is well with you there.  I miss you!

Mon 12/15/08 4:56 AM

So what really hyped people here in Athens was the Milwaukee banner drop

Also there were some under cover cops on motor bikes circling the university… yeah it’s amazing how quickly people organize, suit up, and get ready for attack. the cops left.

Over 700 schools, dozens of industries and hundreds of buildings are now occupied. This is social war! There are thousands of school children (who have occupied their schools) that are going to march today. Tomorrow will bring back the some of the flavor that we saw last week 😉

love yinz,
staying wild…

Sun 12/14/08 9:37 AM

***** it is amazing… there are no more banks, atms, or police stations.

Sun 12/14/08 6:34 AM

I have arrived with **** in Athens. We had no problem with customs/immigration. I am staying in the School of Economics (right up the street from the Polytechnic) which is occupied by students/anarchists. It is undescribeable how amazing everything is. There is Anarchist graffiti everywhere, music playing, stockpiled molotov cocktails, free food, huge banners, amazingly friendly and welcoming people, and people working on a voluntary co-operative basis. I am taking some pictures and will be putting them online shortly. People are resting now from a hard week, but the sentiment here is that it is far from over!

From within liberated space,




  1. getting those email updates from _____ have been moving. i loved:

    “my heart tells me that I must resist. That government, business, boring life, exploitation are abstractions from a fulfilling existence that must be negated.”

    i definitely believe this, even if i “own” two businesses and campaign in “elections.” good for them for going. good for greece for letting them in.

    i wrote back to _____ with:

    “stay safe.

    god speed.


  2. I know you believe that.
    I wrote_________ to be happy and that I was jealous.
    Sometimes those kinds of declarations can initially sound like suicide notes.

  3. “Sometimes those kinds of declarations can initially sound like suicide notes.”


    too true.

    “and now i must go…”

    • That says alot about the nature of this culture, when trying to improve conditions for yourself and others, uses the same language as self-nullification?

  4. you guys are fucking nuts. be (relatively) safe.

  5. who is going to drive the garbage trucks, maintain the sewage system, drive the buses, and clean up your mess, after you overthrow the government? maybe a few consensus meetings and some twinkles will rebuild all that you’ve destroyed.

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