Fox News Porn Site Compiled

Apparently Fox News has some racy segments. I unfortunately haven’t lived in a place where I could steal cable for awhile, so I couldn’t tell you.

It’s not fair to play favorites with the capitalist media, especially cable news. Is there really that much of a difference? The people who buy all the plastic shit with US flags all over it from China, insist that CNN and MSNBC are the TV equivalents of the People’s Daily Worker, while the people who (mistakenly) think that the US will leave Iraq in my lifetime, and that a Democrat can do it, insist that FOX is run by Hilter’s preserved brain attached to a supercomputer that uses suppressed, water-fueled technology.

Are they really that much different? I’m not so sure, but when the Birchers put together something this funny about CNN, I’ll surely post it.