When FEMA Questions Your Competence…

I still can’t decide what’s worse; a surveillance vehicle to protect us from the encroaching Saracen hordes or using it to tailgate at a Toby Keith concert. Fortunately I try to avoid setting up these kinds of moral hierarchies.

The City received the bureaucratic equivalent of parenting advice from Britney Spears or dog training tips from Mike Vick,
in the form of FEMA, pretending that it will cut off Fatherland Homeland Security funding.
If Pittsburgh ends up out of the loop that allows military contractors to collect payola from municipal governments, we may as well all just memorize the Shahadah.

Liberal Media Alert: Those pinkos at the New York Times stated that Luke and the Missus used the Yukon, revising the ugly reality of his “tailgating with the boys”. They corrected some other minor factual errors, in the article, but those nattering nabobs of negativism, let it seem as if Our First Couple were spending a quiet evening together, instead of the regionally embarrassing truth.


SOS-Thomas Merton Center is BROKE!!

Sorry to come back after a health/legal related hiatus, and beg for money, but the Thomas Merton Center is one of the key defensive (as are all formal organizations) structures  for participants the social war, as it is carried out here in Southwestern PA.

The TMC is one of those rare places in North America, where wild-eyed anti-authoritarians and  social democrats and their ilk can find common ground from time to time. Ask any anarchist in the 412 area code and 8 out of 10 will sing their praises. Anything that can get 80% anarchist agreement is fucking amazing.

The Yinsurrectionary Times will be selling refrigerator magnets (we got a deal on the printable magnetic sheets) to benefit the TMC, but if you think the writing here is awful, the graphic design sense is much worse, so and suggestions or advice on designs would be greatly appreciated.

send suggestions to  yinsurrectionarytimes at hotmail dot com

Some other fundraising ideas are in the works, and we’ll keep you posted.

What follows is a forwarded message:

Hi dear friends who love the Thomas Merton Center,

This is a plea for money! The activist resource center that

you know and love in Pittsburgh is having severe financial crisis!

A lot of this has to do with the fact that the TMC had to replace the

fire escape that was deteriorating. This in itself was a pretty penny and

in the process it left holes in the back brick wall which lets the water in.

Yes all the water thats been falling falling falling is falling through the center.

So water has been pouring in creating damage!! If you have been at the center

lately you have seen the huge hole in the kitcen ceiling and its getting worse!

Besides that there are numerous other building repairs that need done.

Is a group your involved in a project of the Merton Center and you are not a member?

Have you ever had an event or meeting at the center? Do you read the NewPeople on your lunch brake? Do you support the work of the 30 projects that use the resources of the merton center? The Africa Project- addressing child soldiers in Uganda, Book ‘EM – supplying quality education material to prisoners, New Voices Pittsburgh- women of color for reproductive justice, many Anti-War groups and Demilitarization efforts, Haiti Solidarity Committee, Save Our Transit,….the list goes on and on!

The TMC is currently working on a few grants but if approved that money wont

come for a great while. In addition to seaking individaul donations, we are imploring people to become members.  It costs 25 dollars for one year! That is so cheap!

You can make your check out to Thomas Merton Center and mail your check to the TMC 5125 Penn Ave Pittsburgh PA 15224 or donate online http://www.thomasmertoncenter.org

And seriously, if you got more money then you need right now, please consider making

a big donation. You would be supporting many different activist groups all over the city and

in doing out supporting all of thier causes.

Happy Birthday, Betty (not Bette) Davis

I started this yesterday, on her birthday, but didn’t get it posted on time. It’s unlikely Ms. Davis reads this anyways.

I heard some crazy music during the 20 (very) odd hours it took for the quixotic hop to the 2003 FTAA summit in Miami. I can’t remember where we were when I first heard it, since the US pretty much looks exactly the same from the interstate, give or take a Waffle House.

Suddenly, I heard a howl so funky, you could almost smell it, or maybe we were down South and driving past hog lagoons. You could hear Larry Graham’s distinctive slap-bass chugging along, as you can on a good percentage of music from that era. It’s like Lionel Hampton on vibes or Phil Collins at Live Aid. What set it apart from other quality funk of the era was that this banshee, powered by soul food was wailing, “He was a big fer-reeaak…I used to beat him with a turquoise chain…”

When I heard her voice, I knew what people who use the term “uppity” meant. This lady sounded as in control of mind, body, and spirit, as anyone could be. It knocked the wind out of me.

I asked who she was, when I regained my composure and Sandinista was playing, and was told “Bettie Davis”, and I said “the actress?” Like when a dearly departed friend played Beck for me in the early 90’s, and I asked “Jeff Beck?”

I got the skeleton outline from one of my comrades: She was a model, married to Miles Davis, introduced him to Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, changing jazz as it stood, convinced Miles to change the album name from Witches’ Brew to Bitches’ Brew, and released a handful of albums, despite having an unbelievable backup band, were never commercially successful. It was amazing that the obscuritarian nerd in me hadn’t heard this amazing lady until I was 30.

Ms. Davis and her music must seem  to be even more of threat, in an era of bland pop music and even blander pop stars.

Her music has been re-released, and there are some damn good articles about this Oya in a designer miniskirt.

She also lived in Pittsburgh and has returned. bettie.jpg