New US “Less-Lethal” Field Manual Available for Download

The Federation of American Scientists have managed to obtain and upload a copy of the new US Military “Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Tactical Employment of Nonlethal Weapons” field manual, as part of their government secrecy project.


How to Escape Plastic Handcuffs

I hate handcuffs. There’s nothing sexy about them. I really hate the plastic ones. It’s like being given a paper plate or plastic cup or something. They hurt in a much less tolerable way than the metal ones, too.

Although I don’t have any cuffs to test this on, I tested it on the fattest cable tie I could find, and it worked.
The mass arrests of the future will be very interesting, although at my age, I can’t pretend the repression industry isn’t falling all over itself to develop “pin proof” plastic handcuffs. Until the industrial engineers design a fix, they get produced, and the State upgrades, this might be fun. Of course this requires the buddy system, unless you luck out and get cuffed funny.

I imagine that looking for the literal needle in the haystack will dramatically increase arrest times, given the rightful aversion to needles that police have. I’m sure we buy them magic gloves or something though.

What will really be funny, is the first time that this happens en masse, and “good protesters” denounce the removing plastic shackles as act of violence. Mark my words, I can hear it already.