What in the hell does ‘Yinsurrectionary’ mean?

Explore Southwestern Pennsylvania’s regional dialect.

It’s a combination of ‘yinz‘, the second-person plural pronoun, used in Pittsburgh and Southwestern PA, (the way ‘y’all’ is used down South, yinzer’ is also used as a derogatory term, primarily aimed at the working poor) and ‘insurrectionary‘, a term which refers to the anarchist tendency that advocates informal organization for offensive purposes, self-activity, uncontrollability, permanent conflictuality, illegality, the individual, as well as the social, and the acceptance that we are all exploited by the current order, and that there is no reason to wait, as the time is always ripe for insurrection.

It’s still just vanity and armchair (or damn near wheelchair in my case) anarchy at the end of the day.



  1. anarchy fuck yeah

  2. light em up and let em burn. let em all die

  3. In all situations, times and cultures the strong enjoy dominion over the weak. As we travel through the ages the “strong” are have become more educated rather than skilled in combat. Those who neglect themselves from knowledge should be subject to the strong. We are all born to different atvantages, but those who rise from the bottom have always been stronger than those who start on the top. Revolution is an individual quest, not a mob induced event.

    • Thank you Stalin

  4. sic semper tyrannis

  5. YOu are a big douceh

    • What’s that?

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