Congratulations, Lt. Rodriguez


It must feel good to be Charles Rodriguez, first the big promotion, then his boss, the Mayor sticks up for him and his droogs, and now the assault charges against him get dropped. What a lucky guy. If I knew what it was, I’d play his badge number on the Big 4.

It must be nice that a history of personal violence is no impediment to a career in law enforcement, especially in the US where you can’t bag groceries without passing a urine test and a criminal background check. Are we that careless?
NOW, is contemplating a lawsuit. The enemy of my enemy…

The Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Society has note by note coverage of the public hearings, which the Mayor could not attend, as there was a celebrity golf-related schedule conflict, on UPMC’s dime.

The problem is, these properly credentialed terrorists public servants are simply taking their work home with them.