Melee in Morristown

At a recent anti-immigration rally in Morristown, NJ a scuffle ensued between some antifa and a mated pair of stormfront boneheads.


Annette & Frederick K. “Erick_K_W (on Stormfront)” Williams of North Bergen Belividere, NJ

NYC Indymedia & One People’s Project have some more coverage and photos.

July 29, 2007

Wherever neo-Nazis go, injustice follows. Morristown on Saturday was no

After the July 28, 2007 anti-immigrant rally in Morristown, NJ, two
neo-Nazis attacked antifascists behind town hall. The neo-Nazis, 40-year
old Frederick K. Williams (“Erick_K_W” on Stormfront) and Annette
Williams of North Bergen Belvidere, NJ, jumped from their pick-up truck armed with
baseball bats and knives and assaulted pro-immigrant counter-protesters.

After taunting the anti-racist activists who had outed them earlier at
the rally itself, Williams and his wife stopped their truck, exited the
vehicle and pulled a knife on the activists. He lunged at them but was
quickly disarmed and his knife fell to the pavement. A local resident
saw the fight between the older couple and the younger activists and
joined in to support the neo-Nazis, shouting obscenities and dragging
one activist who had just been standing there to the ground. Williams
then pulled out a baseball bat from the rear bed of his pick up truck
and began attacking the anti-racists with it.

By this point, more antifas began rushing to the scene. Williams got
back in his truck and tried to flee, but not before other activists
blocked his Ford pick up from leaving. Moments later, police rushed in,
found Williams’ weapon in the back of his pickup and confiscated it.

Staying true to their fear of authority figures, the Williams’ story
quickly changed, telling police they were the victims of an unprovoked
assault, but other witnesses at the scene and a video of the attack
prove otherwise.

After initially handcuffing the bat-wielding Frederick Williams and
detaining his wife Annette, police then decided to take his word for it
and rounded up several anti-racists who were detained several blocks
away from the incident.

Although they had the bat, the knife and other evidence of the actual
assault right in their hands, no action was taken by police against
Frederick Williams. They then let Williams choose which activists he
wanted to be arrested.

Frederick Williams suffered no more than a few scrapes and bruised ego,
and his wife Annette a bloody lip, while one of those arrested was
beaten with a baseball bat and sustained injuries to his knee and leg.
Again: the neo-Nazis were not arrested or charged by the police.

The New York Times erroneously printed an article using the police
report, based entirely on Williams’ story of the event in direct
contradiction to the statements of other witnesses and the evidence
found on the scene. Where police reported ten activists targeted in the
assault, less than four were involved, and no mention was made in the
article of Williams’ possession of the weapons.

The charges against the activists reflected this: one was charged with
two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon, yet fingerprint analysis
will clearly show that the items were wielded by none other than
Frederick Williams. Other charges include simple assault, disorderly
conduct, improper behavior and causing bodily injury. Bails were set
ridiculously high, one with a $5,000 bail with 10% bond, and two of
$2500 cash bail without bond – all for non-indictable offenses (NJ’s
equivalent of a misdemeanor).

Police themselves obstructed the release of the activists, first saying
that they would be released without charges, then that they would have
charges but be released on their own recognizance, then informing the
arrestees’ supporters of the bail amounts eight hours after the initial
arrests – while not stating any of the charges against them.

All of the activists were bailed out within three hours of being
transferred to the Morris County Jail through the efforts of devoted
friends and the support of a strong, dedicated, broad-based and growing
movement committed to standing up in the face of racist attacks,
harassment and lies. Their spirits are high and they are confident that
they will win in court.

The organizers of the anti-immigrant rally, including Mt. Olive blogger
Robb Pearson and the mayor of Morristown, Donald Cresitello, publicly
distanced themselves from charges of racism but seemed to have no
problem with the two dozen or so openly neo-Nazi rally participants at
the event, including Williams. Mayor Cresitello at one point even
stopped his prepared speech to launch a tirade against “Communists and

Throughout the rally, anti-racists made their presence known in sight
and sound of the racist rally, calling out and exposing the neo-Nazis
present. At one point during the day, after anti-racists identified and
called out several neo-Nazi boneheads in the crowd near town hall, the
boneheads walked over to confront the protesters only to be swarmed. A
tense but non-violent face off ended with the boneheads realizing they
were out of their league. One ran into the local Kings’ supermarket to
hide, while others made a hasty retreat to their car, and drove off.

Perhaps to make up for his less-than-glorious battle for the purity of
the white race, Williams began posting to white supremacist website
Stormfront begging for money and support from other white supremacists,
claiming that antifas dragged him and his wife from his truck and
seriously injured them. Nothing could be further from the truth, a
pathetic cover-up by a neo-Nazi who picked the wrong day to try and
start his own racial holy war on the streets of Morristown.

But now, the neo-Nazis have gone even further, sending anonymous threats
to activists and college students who were not even at the counter-rally
and had only reposted already public calls to action. They have even
begun targeting family members of the arrestees. Several of these
anonymous threats have already been received from anonymous email
addresses. One ready: “This time you went too far, slut. Payback is
indeed a bitch.”

Neo-Nazis have also begun posting photos of other activists online and
calling – not for them to be outed to the public, as anti-racists have
done for Nazis – but to be singled out for assault and perhaps worse.

This only shows exactly what follows when neo-Nazis are allowed to take
the streets or organize unopposed: brutal and cowardly assaults on
unarmed protesters who stand up to their hate.

The neo-Nazis’ actions, their organizing, and their rallies will
continue to be disrupted and shut down in the months to come.

There is already a treasure trove of information on specific and active
white power organizers, including the participants of Saturday’s
assault, and any move or further assault by them will lead us right back
to the source. They will be exposed, they will lose their jobs, and they
may face years behind bars like white supremacist Matt Hale, former head
of the World Church of the Creator, if any harm comes to the activists,
their friends or loved ones. Neo-Nazis will not be allowed to take one
step in their communities and towns without being vilified, exposed to
the light and put in their place at every turn.

After shutting down the World Church of the Creator, after forcing the
National Alliance off the streets, after countering the National
Socialist Movement at every turn and exposing every tiny white power
faction trying to mainstream itself for what they are, they will not
pass. Further organizing by neo-Nazis in the mainstream will only bring
down the movements they try to infiltrate, ruining the careers of any
public figure or politician who flirts with fascism. Further organizing
out of the closet as white power organizations will be dealt a swift

Never again means never again.

If you can help with the legal defense in anyway, or help with
information on finding info on who are issuing these threats, please
contact: morristownantifa (at)


Love Park 4 Site Up and Running

Photo from philly imcThere is now a support site for the Love Park 4 defendants, who face trumped-up charges in an incident which bears many of the hallmarks of the ongoing collusion between the State and fascist groups.

Recruiting Roundup

Here are some recent articles and editorials about the ugliness of military recruiting and the low-rent pimps who do it:

One of these predators will plead guilty to sexually assaulting recruits in Indiana.

Former US army specialist, Aimee Allison examines the expanding problem of sexual abuse by military recruiters on AlterNet. MedIndia,a health infromation web portal also examines the phenomena.

A former Tuscon army recruiter, caught up in an FBI sting, was sentenced for his role in a drug trafficking operation.

Recruiter’s vehicles in Texas and Florida have recently been “customized.”

Despite a lowering in standards, and an increase in waivers and a fiscal year 2006 recruitment and advertising budget of $1,407,100,000 ($1.4 billion), recruiting numbers were down for the second month in a row.

An ASVAB proctor was caught rigging test scores (at cut rates).

It’s not just the World’s Policeman. On a related note, a Pittsburgh Police Sergeant was given a 3 day suspension for helping terrorist trainees cheat on their tests.

The recent arrest of a 31 year old recruiter on child pornography charges raises questions as tot whether the US marines may be doing more than just recruiting with their Hitler Youth-esque Young Marines program:

The Young Marines is a youth education and service program for boys and girls, ages 8 through completion of high school. The Young Marines promotes the mental, moral, and physical development of its members. The program focuses on character building, leadership, and promotes a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.


Which photo is the Young Marines & which is the Hitler Youth? Nationalism is nationalism.

These stories are only from the last week or two.

Free Trade: Parts is Parts?

Human trafficking is an integral component of any free trade agreement. The boilerplate (Warning: That is a link to scary, official gov’t site, the rest are other views) from the defacto North American Union, the Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP), is heavily laden with language about “legitimate flow of persons…

The politicians who make noise about “The Border” are pulling a fast one on the minority deluded enough to vote. The State needs to institute a legal indenturing program if for no other reason than to levy taxes against migrant workers. The US economy is propped up on the backs of undocumented workers, and “corporate persons”, the real constituency, no longer respect the make-believe lines that are so important to the flagsucking set.

As if being forced to sell labor isn’t bad enough, the poor may have to guard their vital organs, too. There is apparently a provision in the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) that if ratified, clearly states that:

human organs would be marketed just like any other product in international trade.

This could have major implications for English theme restaurants as well as transplant isnitutes.

Happy Birthday, Betty (not Bette) Davis

I started this yesterday, on her birthday, but didn’t get it posted on time. It’s unlikely Ms. Davis reads this anyways.

I heard some crazy music during the 20 (very) odd hours it took for the quixotic hop to the 2003 FTAA summit in Miami. I can’t remember where we were when I first heard it, since the US pretty much looks exactly the same from the interstate, give or take a Waffle House.

Suddenly, I heard a howl so funky, you could almost smell it, or maybe we were down South and driving past hog lagoons. You could hear Larry Graham’s distinctive slap-bass chugging along, as you can on a good percentage of music from that era. It’s like Lionel Hampton on vibes or Phil Collins at Live Aid. What set it apart from other quality funk of the era was that this banshee, powered by soul food was wailing, “He was a big fer-reeaak…I used to beat him with a turquoise chain…”

When I heard her voice, I knew what people who use the term “uppity” meant. This lady sounded as in control of mind, body, and spirit, as anyone could be. It knocked the wind out of me.

I asked who she was, when I regained my composure and Sandinista was playing, and was told “Bettie Davis”, and I said “the actress?” Like when a dearly departed friend played Beck for me in the early 90’s, and I asked “Jeff Beck?”

I got the skeleton outline from one of my comrades: She was a model, married to Miles Davis, introduced him to Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, changing jazz as it stood, convinced Miles to change the album name from Witches’ Brew to Bitches’ Brew, and released a handful of albums, despite having an unbelievable backup band, were never commercially successful. It was amazing that the obscuritarian nerd in me hadn’t heard this amazing lady until I was 30.

Ms. Davis and her music must seem  to be even more of threat, in an era of bland pop music and even blander pop stars.

Her music has been re-released, and there are some damn good articles about this Oya in a designer miniskirt.

She also lived in Pittsburgh and has returned. bettie.jpg

Anti-Racists Face Serious Legal Battle in Philly



On Monday July 23rd, four anti-fascists from the Philadelphia, PA area
were arrested at what was supposed to be a Ku Klux Klan rally in Center
City Philadelphia. Jared Schultz, Tom Keenan, Jason Robbins – all of
Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action – and Jim McGovern – of the Progressive
Labor Party – were all arrested and charged with a series of trumped up
misdemeanors in a situation that – for all practical purposes – was
straight up entrapment.


Rumors spread through Philadelphia starting Friday July 20th that the Ku
Klux Klan was supposed to show up for an 11AM rally on Monday at Love
Park. While anti-fascists were present in the area starting at 10:30AM, no
racists showed up for the rally until noon when two men wearing what
appeared to be neo-Nazi t-shirts showed up in the area. Anti-fascists
approached the men, confirmed they were neo-Nazis and told them to leave.
Words were exchanged between the Klansmen and the anti-fascists, and then the neo-Nazis said they were leaving. The anti-fascists then followed
behind them to make sure that they kept their promise.


Strangely, Civil Affairs cops remained on the other side of the park the
entire time and made no efforts to follow the group even when they were
out of their sight. The boneheads got into an SUV around the corner and
were driven away. As they attempted to drive off, conveniently blocked by
traffic, a verbal confrontation ensued with the anti-fascists lasting
several minutes before a window of the SUV was smashed. The driver – who could have flashed his badge at anytime to disperse the crowd – then
ordered Schultz, Keenan, Robbins and McGovern against the wall.


While the arresting officer was a Philadelphia Police Department
detective, the SUV was, according to paperwork received by the arrestees,
the vehicle of FBI Special Agent Sean Brennan, also present during the
arrests. What an FBI agent was doing escorting neo-Nazis away from the
park remains a total mystery.


After the arrests, all four of the anti-fascists were transported to the
9th Police Precinct where they remained for approximately 27 hours
awaiting notice of their charges and bail amounts.


Initially, the arrestees were informed that for some odd reason, Internal
Affairs was investigating their case and that they would be facing 10
charges – 4 felonies and 6 misdemeanors. In the end, however, all of the
felonies were dropped, leaving the arrestees with 8 misdemeanor charges of varying degrees upon being bailed out. The fact that the charges were
dropped so quickly proves just how trumped up these charges are. However
there’s still a lot at stake for The Love Park 4.


Currently, everyone is facing the same 8 charges – Possession of an
Instrument of Crime With Intent, Criminal Conspiracy Engaging with
Possession of Instrument of Crime with Intent, Institutional
Vandalism/Illegal Possession, Reckless Endangering Another Person,
Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief, Harassment – Subject Other to
Physical Contact, and Disorderly Conduct/Grading.


At this point, everyone is out of jail, doing fine and just taking some
time to relax for a few days before what could be a lengthy and expensive
legal ordeal. All of the defendants are scheduled for court on October
3rd, and are in the process of establishing a legal defense fund and
securing legal counsel.


We are confident that with the right resources, all of the anti-fascists
arrested will be able to defeat these outrageous charges which could
result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines and years of jail time


*But we sure can’t go it alone*


We need the resources to win this legal battle and you can help right now!


Simply go to, click on the “send money” tab and make
a donation to If you wish to send funds through the
mail a check or well concealed cash to


Heartsville Community Space
PO Box 5917
Philadelphia, PA 19137.


Make sure to note that it is for The Love Park 4.


Write to to receive updates on how you can lend a
hand. They’ll be plenty of work to do.

The Fix Was Always In?


Pittsburgh has many bridges. Depending on which statistics you cite, we have more bridges than Venice. This makes the plan to build a pair of $435 million, 1.5 mile tunnels under the Allegheny River, for our model railroad-sized subway (The “T”) seem even stupider than your average underwater tunnel. There’s obviously some kind of kickbacks or rebates or baksheesh involved, the North Shore (the developer euphimism for the North Side, my ancestral homeland) Connector project, but what?

The purpose of this white elephant has been a mystery to me, since it was first announced in 2002. It would appear to be just another corporate welfare handout, to the owners of sports teams who play in publicly funded stadiums or the riverfront condominium developers, but it still seems like a lot of trouble, even for such valuable “corporate persons” as the Pirates or Del Monte. Not the nearby hospitals.

Then the answer was made very clear, December 20, 2006, when it was announced that PITG Gaming would be granted Pittsburgh’s lone casino license, to be built on the North Side and likely serviced by the North Shore Connector. Direct public transit access will make poor and/or elderly people’s money much more accessible to the casino owners, and the money that would have otherwise been spent on parking or jitneys (whose powerful lobby is behind the public transit service cuts/fare hikes, methinks) can be more responsibly deposited into a slot machine.

The 2002 plan to build the underwater tunnel certainly creates the impression that all the politicking and other unspeakable acts that inevitably transpire during a battle for a city’s sole slots license, were performance art. It turns out that it’s just another publicly funded, automated slaughter house conveyor belt, as if the digital lights and sounds and credit cards couldn’t do the job fast enough.

These may be Mussolini’s “on time” trains, or maybe Trotsky’s? This isn’t meant to be a moral tirade against gambling, just contempt for State gambling. It doesn’t matter where you live, odds are you can find some Texas hold-em or a craps game or a block pool. If you have to gamble, do it with friends.