Hill District Man Slain By Narco-Terrorists


Aucy Andrews, 59, of the Hill District is the seventh person to be reported shot by uniformed-terrorists Pittsburgh Police, this year. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that one, of the at least five shots, reported by witnesses to the murder, was fatal.

Mr. Andrews’ murderer is enjoying a paid vacation an administrative leave, as well as the protection of his anonymity, as if his license to kill was not enough. Uniform fetishist and DA, Stevie Zappala Jr., will no doubt rule that the ‘man in uniform’ was justified in shooting a hearing-impaired, man with a knife, who was not following orders , while being attacked by a police dog, three times, until he fell to his knees, and shot twice more when he was on the ground. Apparently, the use of force continuum dictates that Tasers are only to be used on unarmed suspects.

Mr. Andrews allegedly used the knife while involved in an uncharacterized altercation with a much younger man, when the narco-terrorist and his “partner” arrived to defend the State’s monopoly on violence and to preserve the storied tradition of attacking Black men with German Shepard dogs. In case you were wondering, all of the corporate media accounts state that the dog was uninjured.

Odds are, the overseer officer was given a dog as a partner, because he couldn’t work well with a human one, according to a relative of mine who was a former K-9 handler, who was himself, assigned the dog as way of “keeping him out of trouble”, because the dogs require so much attention. The department where he worked had another dog, which was so out of control that it attacked other overseers officers, and they all lived in fear of it. These terror organizations are reluctant to get rid of the dogs because of the expense and training time, the money they make by violating privacy to find drugs, not to mention the “anything goes”, “us and them” spirit of law enforcement culture. The training of these animals would make Michael Vick wince. The dogs are deputized (making their lives more valuable than anyone who is not a cop) and usually assigned the rank of Sergeant. The dogs get a paycheck, and even a pension when they retire. That’s probably more than Mr. Andrews, who lived in a boarding house could ever imagine.


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Catching Up (Part 4.) September 24-30

Catching Up: (Part 1.) September 1-8

Apparently life goes on whether I remark on it or not, and I feel half guilty taking September off, so I’ll try and catch up. There’s some big stuff in the works, including a collaboration with a dear comrade and little brother, on a piece about the folly of ethical consumption and an overblown commentary on Mike Vick and his sporting dogs.

  • September 1 : It wouldn’t be a long weekend, if we didn’t celebrate “our freedom” with Taliban/Carry Nation checkpoints and police crackdowns.
  • September 2: Pittsburgh Food Not Bombs hosted what was apparently a great block party.
  • September 3: Labor Day is May 1, you big dummies.
  • September 4: The Pittsburgh Organizing Group began it’s “End War FAST“, in an alleged effort to close the Forbes Avenue recruiting station. I hope no one really believed that the US military cares who eats and who doesn’t, and that blue-haired liberal ladies got out their checkbooks, which seems to be a more realistic goal for a hunger strike. For some reason, their use of all-caps in the word “FAST” drove me crazy.
  • September 5: Suburban golden boy, whose family used their City address, turned Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, dropped by the Zone 3 police station, to get his picture taken using the City’s new cyber-snitch website.
  • September 6: The dollar fell. I hope it hits the ground before it wakes up.
  • September 7: The region’s second-worst “badge bunny“, head-trauma patient, and “Man of Faith” (don’t worry Mr. Zapalla, you’re still #1) donated money to buy shit for police dogs in Cleveland. Ben, you may or may not know this (or be able to read this), but police dogs have managed to bite black folks just fine, long before morons like you thought they needed body armor. Anti-American Idol, Osama (that’s Usama for you FOX viewers)bin Laden, releases a new tape and unveils his new look. I like it better than his old stuff.
  • September 8: Minor skirmishes outside the APEC summit in Sydney, Australia result in arrests.

Jaywalking: A Capital Offense in PA?

I guess the SWAT team was busy with other “social work”?

The Pittsburgh Police have killed again. This time, it was a 27 year-old man who was walking on the Parkway West. Boss media is implying that it was OK, since the

“car contained suspected drug paraphernalia”

Who am I kidding? If Stevie Junior would grant me the same blanket immunity from prosecution, that is enjoyed by the paid, uniformed terrorists police in Allegheny County, I might behave the same way?

In another unrelated incident last night, a teen chose to defend themselves from “unlawful combatants”, to use the language of the State, since they weren’t in uniform. Send all the undercover and unmarked piggies to Gitmo.

Infighting Erupts Amongst Regional Terror Groups

Two (temporarily demoted) City detectives reacted violently, to counter the assertion that they were not “above the law” when confronted by country cops at a Toby Keith concert, of all places. They even tried to grab the uniformed terrorist’s weapon. If you or I tried that, it’s no mystery how that would have ended.

Amazingly, the City is pretending to discipline them, even stripping them of their titles, but no reduction in wages. Compare the reaction with that to the handful of murders of black civilians, committed annually.

Police Accountablity: Pittsburgh Trailing Saudi Arabia?


I have never seen a situation so dismal that a policeman couldn’t make it worse.
Brendan Behan

The recent revelations by the City of Pittsburgh of an apparent clause which requires male officers seeking promotion to have a documented history of battering their loved ones or run the risk of never wearing the white shirt would barely register as news, if not for a bit of strangeness from Saudi Arabia:

Three members of Saudi Arabia’s powerful religious police face trial Saturday for the death of a man who died in custody. The case is the first of its kind in this conservative nation. The trial involves the death of a Saudi man the police arrested for being alone with a woman who was not a relative – an act considered an offense in the kingdom. It will be held in the northern city of Tabuk, close to the Iraqi border.

It isn’t clear how long the trial will last or what punishment the men might face if found guilty.

Police trial? Punishment? Guilty? Having lived in Pittsburgh for the majority of my life, the notion of police accountability seems as strange as cardamom in your coffee, ritualized hospitality or archaic alcohol laws. OK, not so much the latter.

Of course in many ways, we’re light years ahead of the Saudis. After all, our local religious judge (Mullah? Mullette?) is an unveiled woman and the State subsidizes gambling, as well as an independent body charged with high school debate matches regarding police misconduct (with its own myspace profile).

A government is the gang with the monopoly on violence for a given area, and the police are entrusted with carrying out the violence, in exchange for betraying their social class, like any other low-level manager. This doesn’t change, except by degree. The NYPD is the Stasi, is the RUC, is the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, is the mellow Dutch cop who patrols the red light district. Pittsburgh cops have a reputation for corruption and violence, even amongst US police forces, who are considered by some to be the worst in the world. You wonder about the ‘land of the free’ when Egyptians and Chileans and Turks, express horror at the conduct of US cops.

The thin blue line is very thick in Allegheny County, with countless municipal fiefdoms, and a DA, who will do damn near anything to avoid charging police with violent misconduct, even engaging in comical conflict of interest duels with the coroner. If DA Steven Zappala Jr. were merely being realistic, and correctly pointing out that a cop’s job is violent misconduct by definition, but his hardline against police accountability comes across as that of a groupie or political opportunist, who needs the police support to be attorney general or federal prosecutor or senator.

Is it any surprise that cops like George T. Trosky, Charles Rodriguez, and Gene Hlavac abuse their loved ones? No more surprising than in any of the professions where violence is rewarded, such as the military or professional sports. This is even less surprising to those of us who are related to cops or live with ill-behaved dogs or in a base town. What is surprising that someone risked their lives and freedom by dialing 9-1-1 despite the threat of retribution by one who can kill you, if they happen to have the right uniform on.

Personally, I can’t fault George Trosky for his videotaped beating of Grateful Dead fans in 1989. Who hasn’t considered wading through a Dead show parking lot, swinging sticks? Apparently, Trosky’s lack of self-control paid off, since he was hand selected to be Jerry Garcia’s personal bodyguard for the 1995 Pittsburgh dead show. Or was it Trosky’s access to heroin?

Bureaucracy make take on local characteristics, but it’s still the same animal, and the the trial for the Saudi religious police has been postponed, as court proceedings often are, but what is remarkable is that regardless of the outcome, charges were filed in Saudi Arabia, something that is still a dream in Allegeheny County. Just ask the families of Charles Dixon, Bernard Rogers, Michael Ellerbe, Damian Jordan, and thousands whose names we will never know.

UPDATE (now with Video): Gene Hlavac is the asshole who attacked a group bike ride in Pittsburgh last Spring